Forward Thinking


Scientific Balloon Solutions performance has been outstanding; our test flights have successfully circumnavigated the world. It’s clear that our commitment to quality is providing solutions for the science community.

Our company’s Super Pressure Balloon design and development has made long-duration missions at an affordable price a reality. The balloon is designed to be pressurized during both day and night, providing greater stability at float altitude and allowing for scientific data collection, research and development of sensors, satellite simulation, engineering and communication advances.

The benefits of Scientific Balloon Solutions designs are many. Balloon missions can be planned and executed at a fraction of the cost of any Super Pressure Balloons on the market today. This low cost technology makes it possible for the science community to fly more missions. Along with cost savings, this platform allows the flexibility to change the payload technology with each flight, allowing for the most cutting edge developments to fly each time.


  Mission Possibilities
• Scientific data collection
• Remote communications
• GPS augmentation
• Incremental testing
• Research and development of sensors